WONDERFUL Restaurant-Hunan (Chinese) Food in Millbrae, CA

My new favorite Chinese Restaurant on the peninsula in Millbrae, CA. I LOVE spicy food, so if you love spicy, this place won’t disappoint you. The kitchen is behind a clear plexy glass wall, so you can see how your food is being prepared. The vegetables were not over cooked and the meat/seafood was prepared to perfection. This is my new go-to-place for clients/family lunches. Some people sitting next to me had hot griddle/pot dishes that cooked the food at their table. The portions are generous, so I would split the dishes for family-style eating. Saw a lot of green onion pancakes, twice cooked pork, Fuqi Feipian, and irregulary cut noodle dishes, including 7 varieties of noodle soups. This city has more than great Chinese food to offer. Real estate is booming in the neighborhoods just walking distance from Wonderful Restaurant. Catching flight? Service is quick and friendly. “The owner’s mother is from the Hunan province.” This is a great Chinese restaurant located at 270 Broadway, Millbrae, CA 94030 (650) 692-2829. They’re closed on Tuesdays. 2014-12-03 11.54.40

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